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We are redefining cleantech innovation and energy efficiency in an UNPRECEDENTED WAY


Our new generation of clean technologies is the answer to electrical network stability, reliability and reserve challenges and to issues related to the capping of high-performance processor cooling systems. These new technologies were born out of extensive research and development carried out in collaboration with major global players in the energy industry.

Systemex Energies

Our technology reacts in less than 250 milliseconds

Our technology continuously modulates the electrical consumption of a load (without the need for telecommunication) by responding in less than 250 milliseconds to frequency variations in the electrical network. It provides the least expensive and most reliable solution for helping to stabilize grid frequency.

Our technology adapts to all load types and constitutes the ideal solution for independent system operators and aggregators.

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30 minutes
Frequency Modulation of the load

Our technology provides reliability services to grids with smart decentralized loads

The future lies in the networking of decentralized smart loads to help replace services provided by conventional energy production facilities. Our well-adapted, more economical and performing technology replaces part of the grid’s reserve needs by “freeing” power production “blocked” for reserve. This “freed” production can be used as needed and without any restriction.

In addition to “freeing” reserve production, our technology helps improve and control dynamic variations of the grid frequency, and represents a major shift in electrical network design.

Our technology adapts to all load types and is an efficient solution for utilities and independent system operators.

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Our technology is effective in cooling processors and maximizing their performance

Our technology maximizes the capacity of high-performance processors using an innovative direct immersion cooling technology, and by regulating clock gating and the processing of big data, all resulting in significantly lower energy costs.

Our technology will prove to be a revolution for data centers.

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VIDEO - SOFTloadTM Innovative Technology Presentation (2016 Montreal Smart City challenge)

Published on 13 January 2017

Marc Antoine Pelletier, Eng., M.Sc., Business Development Director, presenting the SOFTloadTM innovative technology at the 2016 Montreal Smart City Challenge. ...

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Systemex Energies was one of the ten Canadian organizations selected at the 2016 Montreal SmartCity Challenge

Published on 09 December 2016

Systemex Energies was proud to be one of the ten Canadian organizations selected to present an innovative technology at the ...

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Systemex Energies head office in Montreal is now equipped with a Schneider Electric vehicle charging station

Published on 29 September 2016

Systemex Energies, a DCM Group partner company, is proud to announce the installation of a Schneider Electric vehicle charging station ...

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